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July 16, 2012 / Housing e-Academy

Virtual College launches ‘Reduce the Risk’ app

Did you know…

  • A woman is assaulted at least 35 times before she reports an assault to the police.
  • On average, survivors of domestic violence contact 11 agencies before obtaining the help they need.
  • Domestic violence is equally prevalent among all income groups and among people from all ethnic groups.
  • Women who have experienced domestic violence are 15 times more likely to abuse alcohol, 9 times more likely to abuse drugs, 3 times more likely to be diagnosed as depressed or psychotic and 5 times more likely to attempt suicide.
  • For every three victims of domestic abuse, two will be female and one will be male.
  • Every 3 days a woman will be killed by her partner and every 17 days a man will be killed by his.

I’m sure you will agree that these facts are shocking.

That’s why our parent company, Virtual College, has worked with Lincoln Integrated Domestic Abuse Services (LIDAS) to develop a free app aimed at providing useful information for victims of Domestic Abuse.

The ‘Reduce the Risk’ app contains information and advice for both adult and female victims in an easy to understand and accessible format.

The app also shows how to spot the signs of abuse, either in your own relationship or in someone’s close to you.

For further information about this app, and to download it for free, please click here.


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