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May 14, 2012 / Housing e-Academy

Introducing Tom…

Relocation, relocation, relocation…

by Tom Kilvert


I have recently upped sticks and left quiet, rural Norfolk for a return to God’s Own County, a familiar landscape after being a Geography student at Leeds University. Why this sudden move back up North? So that I can be an Account Manager for the Housing e-Academy and to continue to work in the training sector.

After leaving and prior to returning to Yorkshire, I took the slightly unconventional decision to be a UK Cultural trainer in an Indian Call Centre. I would be thrown head first into the bustling and chaotic streets of Chennai and its busting and chaotic call centres.  I would be tasked to train agents at outsourced BT and Talk Talk call centres and be responsible for making their agents just that little bit more British. By the end they could differentiate a Geordie from a Scouser and a Glaswegian from a Cockney. I was pleased with the positive difference that I made, but now I wonder how e-learning could be used effectively as a long term fix.

E-learning could fit around their busy call schedule, standardise and maintain their training in a country already embracing the power of the virtual world. I have altered my previously sceptical view of the worth of virtual against traditional face-face training; I now envision its potential.

I now look forward to meeting and working with all existing and new Housing e-Academy members, so that we can mould e-learning within their organisation together.

If you would like more information about e-learning, visit our website.


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