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April 11, 2012 / Housing e-Academy

The truth behind PAT testing

I know what you’re thinking as you glance at the year end PAT testing invoice… how can this be true?

The myths and mysteries surrounding PAT testing have long since baffled businesses. Who is PAT? Who can test what? How often? When? How? Although HSE and IET guidelines are available, the subject still causes widespread confusion. Do you know exactly what you are required to do to stay on the right side of the PAT?

The common myths surrounding PAT testing suggest that portable appliances must be tested every year and that portable appliance testing must be carried out by a qualified electrician. These statements are both false. Clarification has been sought and HSE guidelines recommend that organisations take a risk-based approach when testing portable appliances, testing appliances when necessary based on a thorough risk assessment. Furthermore, it is perfectly acceptable for an employee to be trained to carry out Portable Appliance Testing. In fact, training all staff members who work with portable appliances in the basics of visual inspection will save on costly and unnecessary PAT testing contractor bills.

Despite the cost benefits and simplicity of this approach, for many SMEs, it would be an understatement to say that they overspend on a role that can be carried out by an employee. The unspoken truth behind PAT testing is that anyone can become a competent person and that anyone, provided with the right training, is capable of safely inspecting and testing portable appliances

The Housing e-Academy provides a quick, easy and comprehensive solution. Our Risk Assessment e-learning course provides organisations with the tools to approach risks.  The e-learning course How to Carry Out Portable Appliance Testing provides all the necessary information for your employees to become a competent PAT testers on behalf of the organisation. It is also a great tool to enable all employees who work with portable appliances to the visually inspect their own appliances, saving time and money.

So cut out the costly contractors, get in the know and take control of PAT testing.


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