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August 8, 2011 / Housing e-Academy

Save time and money by training apprentices online!

21st Century Apprenticeships with the Housing e-Academy

The benefits of employing apprenticeships are well proven for both the employee and the apprentice but can seem like a lot to take on. The 21st Century Apprenticeship package, which is free to employers, has been developed to streamline the whole process from advertising and hiring to recording and assessing apprentice development.

The Process

By hosting the apprenticeship framework online with access available to the employer, the apprentice and the training provider, the 21st Century apprenticeship promotes flexibility, transparency and efficiency to ensure that all stakeholders are reaping the benefits.

Step 1Apprenticeship Booklet
The potential employer registers with the Housing e-Academy for free.
Step 2
The employer tells us how many apprentice positions they have available and in what areas.
Step 3
We find a training provider for you.
Step 4
We advertise the apprenticeships and have applicants undertake an online suitability assessment before assembling a shortlist for the employer to interview.
Step 5
The employer hires the apprentices they wish to take on
Step 6
The apprentice, the employer and the training provider have access to the online apprenticeship system where they can view and assess progress.

The System
The 21st Century Apprenticeship framework is hosted on E>nable – our Learning Management System (LMS) which is currently used to provide training to over 500,000 learners.
The framework is mapped to the standard apprenticeship levels:

  • Foundation Portfolio
  • Functional Skills Portfolio
  • Knowledge Level (Technical Certificate)
  • Competency Level (NVQ)

Both the Foundation Portfolio and the Functional Skills Portfolio have been fully e-enabled meaning that the learners can complete these levels via e-learning at their own pace.

Each new apprentice will be automatically set up with a learner record on our system which can be viewed by their employer and their training provider throughout the apprenticeship.

The learner record is accessed online so can be logged into at anytime and anyplace with an internet connection.

As part of the automatic process the apprentice will be set up with:

  • Access to their pre-assessment
  • Access to all e-learning courses for the Foundation and Skills levels
  • Access to their e-portfolio to gather evidence towards their NVQ qualification
  • The ability to self-assess their progress at any time using our personal development tab.
  • Employers can also assess the learner and any discrepancies between the two results can be highlighted automatically, recognising any training gaps which can then be resolved.

To learn more about the 21st Century Apprenticeship process and to read about the many benefits for both employers and apprentices please click here.

Further Information
For more information please contact us on 01943 885085 or visit You can also email us on


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