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April 1, 2011 / Housing e-Academy

Housing Sector not switched on to Telecare

Caring for the growing elderly population means there is an urgent need to lay the foundations for the rapid and widespread adoption of telecare solutions across the UK but according to Housing e-Academy, the housing sector has been slow to switch on to the range of telecare available and the huge benefits it could bring to their residents.

Why is Telecare so Important?

Chloe Weatherhead Head of Housing e-Academy said: “Telecare supports independent living by providing health care services from a distance and our sister organisation Telesolutions e-Academy has found that the social housing sector is being particularly slow at switching on to the benefits.

telecare e-module
Screenshot from the free course.

“Budgets are being squeezed at every level and so the timing of the ‘telecare re

volution’ could not be better as the financial and resource benefits are enormous.”

By 2025, the number of people over 85 will have increased by 70% to 1.9 million, and over the next 50 years the number of over 65’s looks set to rise from 9.3 million to 16.8 million. With this staggering increase in the ageing population the demand for better technology has never been greater.

A report from the Centre for Social Justice on issues impacting on older people said:

‘The provision of assistive equipment can be hugely beneficial on maintaining or improving an older person’s quality of life.  Yet, as an Audit Commission report recently revealed, low importance is attached to such equipment.  This is in spite of mass research finding it provides good outcomes and reduced costs.’

“The housing and care sectors are facing what could be a major crisis which will have a hugely detrimental impact on the elderly,” adds Chloe.

Promoting Awareness of Telesolutions

telesolutions e-academy

“We are so concerned about this potential demographic time bomb that Housing e-Academy has teamed up with its business partner Telesolutions e-Academy to offer a new FREE course to social housing providers and tenants which who want to find out more about the range of products and services available to help people remain in their homes.

“Many people working in care and support may not be aware of how widely telecare can be used. It’s not just a tool for the elderly – it can be used to assist anyone with a healthcare issue and so also has implications for general needs tenants with vulnerable family members.”

Free Online Course for all Social Housing Providers and Tenants

To access the FREE course ‘An Introduction to Telehealth and Telecare’ Click on the image below and follow the on screen instructions. When registering for the course please choose ‘social housing provider’ from the list of organisations. The promotional code to entitle you to the free course is Housing2011.

As an added incentive the Housing e-Academy are giving away an Amazon Kindle to the 1,000th, 1,500th and 2,000th person to complete the course! So what are you waiting for? If you work for a social housing provider or are a tenant of one then click on the image below to register for your free online training course!


For further information call 01943 885085 or e-mail


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